Sri Bhagavan’s Darshan in Germany

Live-Webcast Darshan with Sri Bhagavan, Germany April 26th, 2014 Introduction Gerd: Beloved Bhagavan, dear LORD, For the second time this year we warm-heartedly welcome You in Germany. It`s awesome, so good to have You back here with us. Bhagavan, thank You so much for giving us the opportunity, to meet You, highly honored Paramatma, to […]

Oneness Festival – Russia & Ex-soviet Countries

On April 12, 2014  a grand event happened in Russia and the ex-Soviet countries called Oneness Festival where we also had a special Darshan of Sri Bhagavan! More than 10 000 people gathered at the same time in 105 cities. Hundreds of people assembled in different centers of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belorussia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan […]

Navagraha Homa

Graha is a Cosmic Influencer on the living beings of earth and Navagrahas are nine major influencers. Basically these navagrahas are considered to be materialising the agreement that we have made with our Divine. By creating events and situations in our life they fulfill the Divine will in our life. Navagraha Homas are the homas […]