Love & Gratitude

After the Oneness Meditations my experience has deepened and the changing was going on but I didn’t know exactly what is happening. I started to see the world differently, I was looking the good in everything (and I am still doing it), the good parts of the things and relationships. My feelings are: Everything is okay as it is! And I am there where I have to be!

Few weeks ago in a Deeksha event I felt a very strong Presence and the day after, my head was hurting so much, I felt something is changing inside in it. After the next program I felt endless silence, I felt acceptance and love towards all the living being, I was happy, I was watching the world in ecstasy. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t remember what happened before or what did I say. When I was connecting to Amma, I saw I am feeding starving African children and my tears was going down on my face. My connection with Bhagavan is more deep now, I hear his voice and he is answering to my questions.

Now, the huge ecstasy has disappeared but my heart is full with love and gratitude to everything and to everybody. Sometimes I get angry -for example to my children- and I upturn my voice, but as I finish what I wanted to say and I watch into their eyes, my anger slips away and only our cloudless laugh stays.

My body went through a big change because of my illness, I lost weight and I don’t crave anymore for food, usually my body tells me what it needs and when I am eating that I feel it heavenly, tasty whatever it is.

The other thing is my voice, I feel and hear the power in it, and it is like not mine, I watch and wonder what it says, behind the words the meaning becomes clear.

Sri Amma Bhagavan, I am so grateful and thankful for You, to these miracles and for the Deeksha!!!

Brigitta Szlávik (Hungary, Kiskunhalas)

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