Sri Bhagavathi Bhagavan Sahasranama Homa

Every great being or Avatar has been the epicenter of grace in the form of revelation, miracles, transformation or mystical experiences. We know the astounding miracles and the varied divine phenomena that happen around Sri Amma Bhagavan.  Sri Amma Bhagavan are one single consciousness in two bodies. Invoking their divine presence would act as benedictions, awakening one to higher dimensions of existence. One of the powerful ways of invoking their divine presence is through performing rituals. ‘Homa’ or the fire ritual is very ancient and has been the most effective ritual right from the times of the Vedic Seers. Based on a few amazing principles of the universe, the fire rituals are a tremendous help in keeping away the negative energies as well as drawing in auspicious energies. These powerful and elaborate rituals invoke the divine; affect the mind, body and spirit of the participant.  The sacred fire in the homa would serve as a medium to carry prayers to the divine; while the chanting of mantras would generate divine vibrations that would help in manifestation of prayers into reality.

Oneness celebrates November 14th as DAY OF GRATITUDE.  Gratitude is a powerful feeling with which we can achieve anything and everything. On this special occasion Sri Bhagavati Bhagavan Sahasranama Homa would take place at Satyalok, where we would be expressing gratitude to the Divine for all that has been bestowed upon us in our life and would thus receive tremendous grace. Sri Bhagavati Bhagavan Sahasranama Homa awakens one to the infinite power, splendour and wisdom of Sri Amma Bhagavan. In this ritual Sri Amma Bhagavan, being the presiding deity would accept all that has been offered in the homa and fulfill the 4 purushartas (stages) of life namely Artha, Kama, Dharma and Moksha. This auspicious homa would stand as a testimony to the phenomenon that Sri Amma Bhagavan are.

Sri Bhagavati Bhagavan Sahasranama Homa bestows the participants with 21 Sankalpas (Intents/Benefits) that cover every aspect of their material and spiritual life: 

  • Love and strengthening family bond / improved family relationships.
  • Wealth and prosperity
  • Successful trade / business
  • Fulfillment of desires
  • Name, fame and prominence in life
  • To achieve planned objectives without obstacles
  • To be liberated from one’s fears and become courageous
  • Health and longevity
  • Increased concentration & better focus and improved memory power and awaken to latent talents
  • Auspicious life
  • Harmony in marital relationship and to be blessed with children
  • Progeny
  • To be blessed with auspicious samskaras
  • Prayers to align the 9 planetary positions to one’s own energies to materialise one’s desires.
  • To get Awakened & be blessed with satkarma
  • Spiritual growth and transformation
  • Ancestral blessings
  • To appease the various gods to receive their blessings
  • Sri Amma Bhagavan’s Divine protection and shield
  • Loka Kalyan (world peace)
  • To be blessed to move into an evolved state of consciousness to contribute to humanity’s liberation

We invite you and your family to participate in this auspicious homa to receive the bountiful blessings of Sri Bhagavati Bhagavan.
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    I’m interested in the Gratitude Homa. Could you please email me more details.
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