Special Meditation with Sri Amma Bhagavan

Throughout cultures of old and new, great seers and mystics have spoken of an upcoming age for humanity where we as a species flower into higher states of consciousness. December 21st 2012 marks the birth of this new age of Oneness known as the Golden Age.

Sri Amma Bhagavan’s mission and vision has been to assist humanity in this transition. The mission was to create a critical mass shift in human consciousness by awakening over 70,000 people. This mission is accomplished!

The great awakening for humanity is now fully underway as we witness tens of thousands of people awaken each month in ever increasing numbers.

To celebrate and inaugurate the birth of this new age for humanity, there would be a very special webcast event to meditate and receive Blessings for Awakening directly from Sri Amma Bhagavan.

As a preparation for this special meditation for Awakening with Sri Amma Bhagavan, you could take part in the live/online OM and receive Deekshas from the Awakened ones all through this month. invite all your family and friends for all the programs and deekshas the entire month and be a part  of this historic event!

DATE: 21st December 2012

Click here to watch the Darshan

112 thoughts on “Special Meditation with Sri Amma Bhagavan

  1. sir,
    namaskarams, amma bhagavan saranam i am praying you kindly translate in regional languges bhagavan livestream speeches. it is highly useful to 80% of people telugu etc. thanking you sir,

  2. Namaste Sri Amma Bhagavan,
    I want to join with you in this special meditation.
    Please bless me and my family to become oneness family.

  3. Please include me in your festivities, in spirit. Thank you for all you have give me and my family I am in gratitude for all the rest of my days on this earth and beyond.

  4. Beloved friends,

    I am so grateful to join in and to celebrate together with BELOVED AMMA BHAGAVAN.
    God bless you and all of us. Such a GREAT time to experience together.

    Lots of LOVE in Oneness and gratitude.
    Marga from The Netherlands

  5. very nice to have deeksha thru net for those who arenot able to come to personally meet Sri Amma Bhagvan like myself.

  6. Thank you Amma Bhagavan for your blessings, I hope you will personally receive this message, it is the first time that I try to communicate to you through this media, and I want to express all my gratitude to you.

  7. namaste amma bhagwan sharnam,
    i am a devotee in lucknow uttar pradesh
    pls guide me what shd i do on 21 dec 12
    with regards
    manoj misra

  8. I’m new to the site and Oneness meditations. For the 12/21 meditation, it that 5:00 IST in the evening or morning? I want to convert it correctly to EST.
    Thank you

  9. Just opened your website by chance and read this wonderful forecast. Will higher state of consciousness on 21st.Dec. happen automatically or one is supposed to make some effort (special prayer or any other pious deed) for this to happen to them. How would I notice any change ?

  10. what a special time this is many things happening. would love to have been in india on this day.my husband is there and i am with him in spirit.blessings to all joyce

  11. Namasthe.Om Sri Amma Bhagavan Saranam.,
    Requesting you to forward news / messages of Oneness Activities thro email / SMS,as and when available,for me to pass on to all devotees.Namasthe.

  12. We will particiapte in the webcast and all the programmes.We are eager for Bhagwan’s blessings….

  13. i would like to take part in live/online OM and receive deeksha from awakened one how do i do it and where do i check on website please guide me.thank you.love u amma bhagvan.


  15. Spirituality alters the program and you become successful in life.Awakening!ONE A Miracle sacred energies for awakening and healing. Sacred Blessing for Awakening directly from Sri Amma Bhagavan.

  16. Pl. send all details about the programmes of the temple and Nemam and regarding Bhagavan Darshan.

  17. Very interesting indeed. I would like to learn more..I found the webcast a little difficult because of the audio.

  18. I love to be at the temple to be awaken and have the shift. I say my prayers to God to provide the time and money.

  19. Thank you very much for the blessings my dear Amma Bhagawan. Sending loads of Love and Gratitude to you both and all and all……..

  20. Thank u Ammabagavan, We are waiting many yukas, for this birth of Golden age.

    We are very proud, we are living with you now, we speaking with you, we are
    dancing with you. Ananthakodi namaskaram my Ammabagavan.

    Pls give to people of the world, sampoorna jeevan mukthi, and happiness Bagavan.

    Thanks, Thanks Saranam saranam AmmaBagavan.

  21. Dear Kiranji, namaste

    Waiting 21/12/2012 come soon.That moment in UV,so many light will be falling down as that upper photo and over 70000 knights run to make oneness world . This may be a first time in mankind . Thanks to the blessing. maekawa kazuko,nobuteru.

  22. thank you somuch amma bhagvan. i love you amma bhagavan. thank you so much for every thing in my life and for blessing me with this gracefull life bhagavan. thnak u

  23. NAMASTE AMMABHAGAVAN SARANAM.MANY MANY………………………… THANK YOU AMABHAGAVAN.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… HAPPY HAPPY…………………………………………………. GOLDEN AGE.

  24. Thank you thank you!! I AM very grateful! Looking forward to the Special Meditation!!!!

  25. I am feeling conscious & simple because i am under the lotus feel of sri sri amma bhagaban and a participant of this great golden age phenomenon….. than you … thank you…. ammabhagaban…………

  26. Amma Bhagavan Saranam. I pray for my good Health and recovery from sufferings of illness presently I am facing.

  27. Thank you Amma !Thankyou Bhagavan !!
    You have made this to Happen !
    Thank you Amma !Thankyou Bhagavan !!
    You have made this to Happen !
    Thank you Amma !Thankyou Bhagavan !!
    You have made this to Happen !

  28. I Love You Amma Bhagwan :)
    You are the energy woh has transformed my life. Everyday you show me that you are with me, by doing wonderful miracles to me.

    Thank you Amma Bhagwan.

  29. Namaskar AMMA BHAGWANJI
    Thanx for blessing my life wid your love..,i am very thankful to u .It is for first time that i am gonna watch your live darshan thnkyou sooo much..from today my life is yours …bhagwanji as u no what is my only desire…. plsss fulfil dat .i will be glad
    lots of love

  30. unfortunately I couldn’t participate in today’s special mediation.
    but I am happy to enter into the histroic movement.


  32. I could not get into the website this morning for the webcast with Bhagavan. Is there going to be another webcast? I don’t know why I was having a hard time. did I not log on soon enough?

  33. I Love you and are soooo Grateful for all the beautiful energy you gave to Humanity at this time our History….thank you and Namaste….
    I am increadibly Grateful…..

  34. Special thanks to ammabagavan , pls save the univers and the earth with ab grace in this golden age. M.v.h.babu kuppam.chittoor .DT .AP

  35. I am grateful to u sri bhagwan for giving great joy, love, bond with family

  36. Thank you Amma Bhagawan for your blessings on 21.12.2012. A great day.
    On that day I receivea powerfl Deeksha and forthe whole hmanity it was a very special and gracefull day. Lots of thanks. We start living because of YOU.

  37. Divine Father & Mother,

    Heartfelt Pranamams to the Lotus feet of Amma Bhaghawan. The service being rendered to the plant under their guidance can not be measured by limited human mind.
    It is true that such divine souls only can help us to step into ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS and let their grace be showered in each and every atom of this Universe with their divine light and let us be united and purify in that Divine Light.
    With 100% surendarance to the Almighty Authority of my thoughts and actions of past presen and future.

  38. ammabhagavan saranam,i want some amma bhagavan pendent and srimurty.plz provide me asap.

  39. Fortunately no untoward incidence happened on 21/12/12. Greetings to everyone. Om Shanti.

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