Sri Bhagavan’s Darshan in Germany

Dear Oneness friends,

German people would like to express their deepest gratitude for this utmost opportunity to experience a very special LIVE webcast with Sri Bhagavan on December 9th, 2012. People assembled in four places in Germany to receive Sri Bhagavan’s powerful Blessing for Awakening. A total number of over 800 people met in the north, in the middle, the west and in the south of our country. The four groups were connected in a video-conference with Oneness University in India.


The energy was enormously strong. People literally fell into Awakened states. All of us are waiting eagerly to hear people’s sharing about their Awakening during this webcast.

After welcoming address and introduction we started to get prepared for this very special webcast with Sri Bhagavan. The focus was clearly on Awakening. This webcast was such an immense gift as it felt like being the absolute highlight of the year 2012 which had started so powerfully with Oneness Meditation at the end of February. Chakra Dhyana was carried out and people started to experience states of silence and depth. Then TTA started and the drums for Awakening sounded even louder. Awakened Beings gave hands-on Deeksha to every participant. What Divine Grace!

Now, we all prepared for Sri Bhagavan to appear on the screen. HE appeared happily and loving to all of us. It’s such an honour to have HIM on screen answering questions in a detailed fashion for such a long span of time. THANK YOU!

Then Sri Bhagavan meditated with us and showered tons of Grace upon each and every one. Such a benediction!

Afterwards all four groups stayed connected for some time, meditated in deep silence and dignity to uphold the sacred energy created by Sri Bhagavan’s Presence. Finally, the Liberation Sutra was played and its power was poured all over the country.

All Glory to Sri Amma Bhagavan for giving mankind the gift of Awakening.


Oneness Germany

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